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Fast-track your business planning.

From researching a new business idea to fleshing out (& writing) marketing campaigns; Bizway is your personal AI business assistant at every step of the journey.

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Simple hub to store it all
the problem

Mapping out your business can be... time-consuming.

At least, the way most of us do it today.

Browse Google to see if your idea already exists... only, you're not sure what exactly to search.
Spend hours on YouTube, blindly hopping from marketing gurus to web design courses.
Try getting past the generic answers from ChatGPT.
Then try again.
Save it all across various docs, sheets and Notion pages you can never quite keep track of.
there's another way

But what if you could...

(Hint: you can, with Bizway)

Test out different business types to find the best fit for your idea.

"Should it be a paid newsletter or a digital products website?"

Ask questions as they come up, from market research to pricing.

"When do I need to register my business?" (Remember: Bizway will not judge you for your questions.)

Offload admin & research tasks to an AI that never sleeps.

"Give me a list of my top 10 competitors."

Share your idea with anyone, in a clean one-page Pitch.

To get some feedback from friends, advisors... or anyone willing to listen.


Bizway lets you start with a 24/7 AI assistant.

"The Consult feature works better than ChatGPT... got my business plan sorted in record time."
"Had a play around with asking Bizway questions and it's giving me good advice through a more digestible UI."
Join 1250+ entrepreneurs, students and consultants using Bizway, today.
business model ideas

A few business ideas to get you started...

Sell stuff in an online shop.
Start your ecommerce shop
Offer your services at an hourly/daily rate.
Start a freelancing business
Create an awesome app (like this one!)
Start building your app
Niche Site
Write articles about a topic you know well.
Start your niche site
Provide expert services as a team of contractors.
Start an agency
Course Creator
Teach others a valuable skill via packaged courses.
Start your courses business
Make videos people love to watch (& sponsor).
Start your YouTube channel
Cover the latest in an industry, grow a readership.
Start your newsletter
Interview others or converse with a co-host.
Start your podcast

A business plan that gets smarter with every input.

Business plans shouldn't be static PDF templates... they should be dynamic documents that you can update, iterate and improve over time. With Bizway, whenever you learn something new and add it to your Plan--your AI assistant gets smarter and more precise, too.

Fill out guided sections of your Biz plan to help your AI assistant understand the Plan.
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Create clear roadmaps to go step-by-step.

Create tailored, actionable roadmaps (in seconds) that breakdown your idea, goal or plan into manageable steps. Be it your Product MVP, your Marketing Strategy or figuring out your Financials; create a roadmap to help keep you on track.

Create your first roadmap in seconds.
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data & consult

An AI assistant that knows what you're working on...

As you complete sections of your Biz plan, Bizway learns about your business and remembers what you're working on. Whenever you have a question, use the 'Consult' widget to get tailored responses to help you move forward.

"The Consult feature is better than ChatGPT... helped me sort my business plan in record time."
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how to use it

Bizway Tutorials 🎓

Learn how to use Bizway: 6 simple quick-start tutorials to take you step-by-step through the platform. 🎓

try some tasks

Free AI Business Tools

Taken from common Tasks within Bizway roadmaps, give these simple GPT-4 powered tools a go to help kickstart your Biz ideas ✨.

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any business you can imagine

All areas of business, sorted.

You don't need an MBA to start a business; Bizway walks you step-by-step through key areas of business to get your plan in order.

Market Analysis
Market research, Competitor analysis, Customer segmentation, SWOT analysis, Trend analysis.
Legal Admin
Legal entity selection, Business name brainstorming, list necessary Licenses and permits, draft contracts.
Developing your Product
Idea generation, MVP roadmapping, Product surveys, mock customer interviews, Product launch plan.
Content Creation
Keyword research, Topic brainstorming, Outline creation, post drafts, Editing and proofreading.
Marketing your Offer
Target audience, Marketing strategy development, Campaign planning, Content creation, taglines.
Budgeting, Financial forecasting, Profit and loss analysis, Cash flow management, 1st year forecasts.
full video demo 📽️

Bizway demo

Watch a real example of how to use Bizway to map out an agency business, from idea to organized, researched plan in under 45 minutes.

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Start fleshing out your best ideas, today.

Simply input your business idea, and start mapping out your first AI-assisted pages in minutes.⚡

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