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Idea to business plan in minutes.

Go step-by-step from idea to fully-fledged business plan.

Have a business idea, but don't know where to start? Bizway generates tailored roadmaps and insights with AI powered responses to help you build (& execute) your new business plan.


1. Manageable roadmaps to go step-by-step.

Create custom, tailored roadmaps (in seconds) that breakdown your idea, goal or plan into manageable steps. Be it your Product MVP, your Marketing Strategy or figuring out your Financials; create a roadmap to help keep you on track.

Create your first roadmap in seconds.
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2. Auto-generate (& complete) Tasks with GPT-4.

If Roadmaps give your plan structure, Tasks are where the work actually gets done. Bizway can execute a wide range of tasks with one click, from giving a competitor analysis summary to brainstorming names, taglines and marketing copy, or coming up with your first 12-months financial forecast.

Execute admin, research, content and summary tasks in one click.
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3. Save & curate your best insights along the way.

Every brilliant idea, research item, insight and plan; easily saved to your Biz plan in a couple of clicks. Explore every branch and idea in full, go down the rabbit hole, then save your insights to the relevant business section as you go. Simple.

All your research and insights, easily stored in one place.
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Business Plan Examples

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any business you can imagine

All areas of business, sorted.

You don't need an MBA to start a business; Bizway walks you step-by-step through key areas of business to get your plan in order.

Market Analysis
Market research, Competitor analysis, Customer segmentation, SWOT analysis, Trend analysis.
Legal Admin
Legal entity selection, Business name brainstorming, list necessary Licenses and permits, draft contracts.
Developing your Product
Idea generation, MVP roadmapping, Product surveys, mock customer interviews, Product launch plan.
Content Creation
Keyword research, Topic brainstorming, Outline creation, post drafts, Editing and proofreading.
Marketing your Offer
Target audience, Marketing strategy development, Campaign planning, Content creation, taglines.
Budgeting, Financial forecasting, Profit and loss analysis, Cash flow management, 1st year forecasts.
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