business model

Build up your Business Model.

Store key details about your business for your Assistants to gain the relevant context they need.

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the problem

You don't need 10 employees, you need 10 more 'you's.

The main bottle neck to growth in any solo business is your own time, energy and output. But even when you know what needs doing, there just aren't enough hours in a day.

Ideas get left on the table, unable to be implemented.
Important maintenance tasks go unattended for longer than they should.
Your business' growth gets capped, even though you know there's more to give.
Here's how.

(The short version)

1. Plan
Turn your unpolished notes & ideas into clear plans of action with a couple of clicks.
2. Implement
Get Bizway's AI to generate task lists for you, from product launches to customer support.
3. Consult
Consult with a 24/7 AI assistant that knows your business inside and out.
custom gpt assistants

Build a living model of your business.

It isn't just for your AI Assistants to gain context; create a clearer picture for yourself of all the key puzzle pieces that make up your business.

Target Markets

Pinpoint your target markets; from market size to key competitors.

Products & Services

Flesh out your product & service offerings. Nail your pricing.

Marketing Channels

Identify best-fit marketing channels & growth campaigns.

Revenue & Costs

Track your key revenue streams and cost groups.

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one-page overview
Your entire business model in one view.

The simplest way to get a breakdown of all the key areas of your business. Add markets, products & channels as you grow.

Train your Assistants on your business details.

Everything you save to your Business Model will inform and improve your Bizway Assistants' outputs.

simple notes
Jot down notes while you flesh out your strategy.

Store notes and ideas on your Business model page for future reference.

1-click business planning
Start from one of our dynamic project plan templates.

Just choose the plan you need, and Bizway's AI fills in all the details based on what it already know about your business.

Create an SEO Content Plan
Build an Email Outreach Plan
Generate a Go-To-Market plan
How to build your Business Model in Bizway.
Here's what other business owners have to say

From people just getting started to entrepreneurs with a few wins under their belt.

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"The Consult feature works better than ChatGPT... got my business plan sorted in record time."

Fred N.


Matteo C.


"Had a play around with asking Bizway questions and it's giving me good advice through a more digestible UI."

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Business owner

Marc Spector


“lorem ipsum dolor sit amet enim, consectetur adipiscing, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna.”

there's another way

But what if you could...

(Hint: you can, with Bizway)

Test out different business types to find the best fit for your idea.

"Should it be a paid newsletter or a digital products website?"

Ask questions as they come up, from market research to pricing.

"When do I need to register my business?" (Remember: Bizway will not judge you for your questions.)

Offload admin & research tasks to an AI that never sleeps.

"Give me a list of my top 10 competitors."

Share your idea with anyone, in a clean one-page Pitch.

To get some feedback from friends, advisors... or anyone willing to listen.

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