custom gpt assistants

AI Assistants for any task.

Build custom AI Assistants to help you plan, grow & automate repetitive tasks in your business. No coding (or hiring) required.

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custom gpt assistants

Browse our library of ready-made AI Assistants.

Learn more about what Bizway Assistants can do by exploring our library of Assistant templates. Copy any Assistant you like into your Biz project and it'll adjust its role to your unique Business Model details.

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contextual knowledge
Assistants that know your business.

Bizway Assistants know every detail you save to your business model section; and tailor their responses to be relevant for your goals and needs.

assigned roled
Offload roles & duties to your new AI team members.

Assign Assistants to fill common business roles, whether that's in content marketing, accounting, product development or financial forecasting.

rich-formatted responses
Create structured plans of action.

Bizway Assistants can help you synthesize all the knowledge they have about your business into clear, formatted plans of actions. Create tables, content calendars, reports and more; all in the same chat thread.

1-click business planning
Start from one of our dynamic project plan templates.

Just choose the plan you need, and Bizway's AI fills in all the details based on what it already know about your business.

Create an SEO Content Plan
Build an Email Outreach Plan
Generate a Go-To-Market plan
How to create custom GPT Assistants in Bizway.
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“lorem ipsum dolor sit amet enim, consectetur adipiscing, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna.”

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Offload admin & research tasks to an AI that never sleeps.

"Give me a list of my top 10 competitors."

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