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Bizway guides your business' journey step-by-step, from idea to launch and beyond. Generate your unique 50-step roadmap, track your progress, and get personalized help at each and every step.
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the problem

You don't need 10 employees, you need 10 more 'you's.

The main bottle neck to growth in any solo business is your own time, energy and output. But even when you know what needs doing, there just aren't enough hours in a day.

Ideas get left on the table, unable to be implemented.
Important maintenance tasks go unattended for longer than they should.
Your business' growth gets capped, even though you know there's more to give.
ai-generated project plans
Generate step-by-step roadmaps in one click.

Bizway lets you easily create step-by-step roadmaps from natural language prompts. For example, you can ask it to 'Create an SEO content plan', and it will generate a plan with 7 tasks to get you started.

🏆 dynamic roadmaps
Create your unique 50-step business roadmap.

Every business needs a plan. But not the same plan. Bizway uses AI to generate a personalized, 50-step roadmap for your specific business idea or situation.

how it works

Create assistants. Assign them tasks. Grow your business.

And start building a team of AI Assistants that actually understand your business and remember what you're working on.

⚡ shortcuts
Save time on each and every step with Shortcuts⚡

Starting a business can often be death by 1,000 papercuts. Bizway's Shortcuts save you time on 100s of tasks; from market research to developing your content marketing plan (and even writing your first posts for you).

Here's how.

(The short version)

1. Plan
Turn your unpolished notes & ideas into clear plans of action with a couple of clicks.
2. Implement
Get Bizway's AI to generate task lists for you, from product launches to customer support.
3. Consult
Consult with a 24/7 AI assistant that knows your business inside and out.
📃 docs
Powerful Docs editor to think through ideas.

Build & store your documents with Notion-style pages and blocks; add headings, lists and tables to organize key information.

📃 chat
Chat with your Docs to go beyond the outline.

Every Biz project has its own personal AI Assistant that knows everything about your project. With Chat, you can ask your assistant anything about your business or the contents of the page, to help you do research, edit or complete tasks directly.

📃 bizpack
Build a knowledge hub that stays up-to-date.

With new information, plans change. In Bizway, whenever you update your knowledge base, your roadmap and plans are automatically kept in sync with the latest information.

1-click business planning
Start from one of our dynamic project plan templates.

Just choose the plan you need, and Bizway's AI fills in all the details based on what it already know about your business.

Create an SEO Content Plan
Build an Email Outreach Plan
Generate a Go-To-Market plan
how it works

Create assistants. Assign them tasks. Grow your business.

And start building a team of AI Assistants that actually understand your business and remember what you're working on.

⚡ pitch
Create & publish your business Pitch page.

Summarize key information about your business into a beautiful, professional & shareable webpage. Share it with friends, family & peers to get feedback on your business ideas before launch.

📃 feedback
Collect real feedback on your business before launch.

It's so hard to get feedback when you don't have a product, website or prototype yet! Bizway lets you collect feedback from friends, family & peers on your Pitch page, so that you can get real feedback from the earliest stages.

custom gpt assistant templates

Shortcuts for any occasion.

Create custom GPT assistants for anything; from helping you formulate your business model and strategy to writing your content, generating invoices and researching your target market. No coding required.

View 50+ Templates
"I have been, and continue to be blown away. If you are starting a business, or running a business, Bizway can provide the value of several employees."
Jason C.
bizway's mission
A new wave of solo and micro businesses is already underway.

In the industrial age, starting a business was an expensive and risky undertaking. You needed to raise capital, purchase equipment, rent an office, hire employees, and navigate complicated legal admin just to get off the ground.

In 2024, many people think this is still what 'starting a business' must mean. But two key things have changed in the digital age.

1) Costs: When you build a business that serves its customers online, your costs can be minimal. Many ideas can be prototyped and tested without raising a cent of capital.

2) AI tooling: You can now get personalized answers to questions in any domain (without hiring an expert). From legal to marketing, you can get help on almost any task, 24/7.

Combined, this makes it possible for anyone with an internet connection and an idea to get started, in a very real way. And many around the globe are doing precisely that.

I'm building Bizway as a hub to bring all these efforts together; so that more businesses can have the confidence to simply take those first few steps, and keep track of the journey as they progress.

Gerrard - Founder
Here's what other business owners have to say

From people just getting started to entrepreneurs with a few wins under their belt.

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"The Consult feature works better than ChatGPT... got my business plan sorted in record time."

Fred N.


Matteo C.


"Had a play around with asking Bizway questions and it's giving me good advice through a more digestible UI."

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Business owner

Marc Spector


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there's another way

But what if you could...

(Hint: you can, with Bizway)

Test out different business types to find the best fit for your idea.

"Should it be a paid newsletter or a digital products website?"

Ask questions as they come up, from market research to pricing.

"When do I need to register my business?" (Remember: Bizway will not judge you for your questions.)

Offload admin & research tasks to an AI that never sleeps.

"Give me a list of my top 10 competitors."

Share your idea with anyone, in a clean one-page Pitch.

To get some feedback from friends, advisors... or anyone willing to listen.

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