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9 Essential ChatGPT Business Plan Prompts (2023)

Gerrard + Bizway AI Assistant
Last updated: 
October 12, 2023
5 min read

Planning a business can be overwhelming. From figuring out your target market to launching your first marketing campaigns; there are seemingly new business plans to be created at every step.

In this article, I'll share 9 incredibly simple (but powerful) ChatGPT prompts you can use to outsource some business planning brainpower to AI.

Why? Well, planning happens to be one area where ChatGPT excels. It already has a deep understanding of all the best practices and frameworks for business planning--and with a little bit of tweaking, prompting and context, it can tailor these frameworks to help you map out your specific projects.

Note: The more context you provide ChatGPT, the more accurate and useful the outputs will be. If you don't want to keep repeating yourself (e.g. "My business sells consulting services, my target market is law firms in the US, my product offerings and prices are X, Y, Z... etc.) then I would recommend either:

  • Adjusting your custom instructions in ChatGPT to include some basics about your business; or
  • Doing your business planning in Bizway, so that all your details are stored and referenced in any business planning docs you create.

So, with that out of the way, let's dive into the prompts.

1. Market Research Prompt

Understanding your market is crucial to the success of your business. This prompt helps you analyze the key aspects of your market.

  • The Prompt: "Generate a market analysis for a [your industry] business."
  • Example output: "The global market for AI-powered business planning tools is growing steadily with the increase in solopreneurs and small businesses. The target market size includes approximately 160,000 consulting firms and 3,000,000 solopreneurs worldwide."
  • When to use it: When starting your business plan and during periodic reviews.
  • Variations: "Generate a market analysis for a [specific location] [your industry] business."

2. Competitor Analysis Prompt

Knowing your competition allows you to understand their strategies and identify gaps that your business can fill. This prompt helps you analyze your competitors.

  • The Prompt: "Identify and analyze key competitors in the [your industry] industry."
  • Example output: "In the AI-powered business planning app market, notable competitors include Notion, Airtable, and ClickUp."
  • When to use it: When defining your business strategy and during market analysis.
  • Variations: "Identify and analyze key competitors in the [specific location] [your industry] industry."

3. Marketing Campaign Prompt

Effective marketing campaigns can drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and generate leads. This prompt helps you plan your marketing campaigns.

  • The Prompt: "Create a marketing campaign for [your product/service]."
  • Example output: "For Bizway, an Instagram campaign could reach an estimated 500,000 potential customers with inspiring stories of entrepreneurship."
  • When to use it: When planning your marketing strategy.
  • Variations: "Create a social media marketing campaign for [your product/service]."

4. Pricing Strategy Prompt

Pricing your products or services effectively can maximize profits and market share. This prompt helps you plan your pricing strategy.

  • The Prompt: "Develop a pricing strategy for [your product/service]."
  • Example output: "For Bizway, a tiered subscription model could be used, with prices ranging from $29/mo for the Starter plan to $79/mo for the Portfolio plan."
  • When to use it: When defining your revenue model.
  • Variations: "Develop a discount pricing strategy for [your product/service]."

5. Product Overview Prompt

A clear and concise product overview can help potential customers understand your offerings. This prompt helps you create a product overview.

  • The Prompt: "Provide an overview of [your product/service]."
  • Example output: "Bizway is an AI-powered business planning and research app that helps users generate business planning docs with just one click."
  • When to use it: When introducing your product/service to potential customers or investors.
  • Variations: "Provide a detailed overview of [your product/service]."

6. Pitch Writing Prompt

A compelling pitch can attract investors and customers. This prompt helps you write a pitch for your business.

  • The Prompt: "Write a pitch for [your business]."
  • Example output: "Bizway is revolutionizing the way businesses plan and research. With our AI-powered tool, anyone can easily create a comprehensive business plan."
  • When to use it: When seeking funding or presenting your business idea.
  • Variations: "Write a one-minute pitch for [your business]."

7. Website Copywriting Prompt

Well-written website copy can engage visitors and convert them into customers. This prompt helps you write copy for your website.

  • The Prompt: "Write website copy for [your business]."
  • Example output: "Welcome to Bizway, your one-stop solution for AI-powered business planning. Plan, research, and grow your business with Bizway!"
  • When to use it: When designing or updating your website.
  • Variations: "Write website copy for the [specific page] of [your business]."

8. Customer Persona Prompt

Understanding your customer personas can help tailor your product, marketing efforts, and services to meet their needs. This prompt helps you create customer personas.

  • The Prompt: "Create a customer persona for [your business]."
  • Example output: "Sarah, a 25-year-old junior graphic designer from Phoenix, AZ, who lacks business knowledge and is unsure where to start."
  • When to use it: When defining your target audience.
  • Variations: "Create a detailed customer persona for [your business]."

9. Revenue Model Prompt

Choosing the right revenue model is crucial for your business's financial success. This prompt helps you plan your revenue model.

  • The Prompt: "Describe a revenue model for [your business]."
  • Example output: "Bizway will generate revenue through a subscription model, with monthly plans ranging from $29 to $79."
  • When to use it: When planning your business model.
  • Variations: "Describe a freemium revenue model for [your business]."

By the way--many of these prompts are presets inside Bizway's business plan builder, so if you'd like to save some time storing and setting up all your details in various ChatGPT threads, you can always try them out in Bizway, and keep your plans, projects and notes all organized in one place.


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