Contract Writing Assistant

Effortlessly draft legal agreements with Bizway's Contract Writer Assistant, ensuring precision and clarity in your contractual obligations.


The Contract Writer Assistant from Bizway is an AI-powered tool tailored to assist professionals in drafting legal contracts and agreements. By simplifying the contract creation process, this assistant ensures that your documents are thorough, accurate, and tailored to your specific business requirements, all while saving valuable time and resources.

Use Cases

  • Service Agreements: Develop detailed contracts for services offered, outlining terms, conditions, and deliverables.
  • Partnership Agreements: Construct partnership agreements that specify the roles, responsibilities, and equity distributions among partners.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: Create NDAs to protect sensitive company information in various business dealings.

Automations to try

  • Automatically generate contract outlines based on inputted details about the agreement's purpose and parties involved.
  • Produce draft clauses for common contract sections such as dispute resolution, confidentiality, and termination terms.
  • Create comprehensive checklists for contract review to ensure all essential elements are covered.

Tips for best results

  • Input Specific Details: Provide the assistant with specific deal points and legal requirements to tailor the contract content.
  • Utilize Templates Wisely: Adapt existing contract templates with the assistant to fit new scenarios, ensuring consistency.
  • Review for Accuracy: Carefully review the assistant's drafts for accuracy and compliance with applicable laws.
  • Legal Professional Review: Have all contracts reviewed by a qualified legal professional before finalizing and signing.

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