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Capture the essence of your podcasts with the Podcast Show Note Writer Assistant from Bizway, ensuring your audience stays tuned in.


The Podcast Show Note Writer Assistant is a dynamic Bizway template designed to help podcasters create detailed and engaging show notes for each episode. These notes provide listeners with a valuable overview of the podcast's content, including key points, guest information, and resource links, enhancing the listening experience and offering easier navigation through topics.

Use Cases

  • Episode Summaries: Draft concise summaries that capture the main themes and points discussed in each podcast episode.
  • Resource Compilation: Collate links to resources, books, or websites mentioned during the podcast for easy listener access.
  • Timestamp Mapping: Create time-stamped segments of the show to help listeners find specific content within the episode.

Automations to try

  • Automatically generate podcast episode summaries from a provided transcript or key points.
  • Create a list of mentioned resources with associated links and descriptions for inclusion in the show notes.
  • Develop templates for show notes that can be filled out with episode-specific information efficiently.

Tips for best results

  • Structured Summaries: Offer the assistant clear, organized information to ensure the most accurate and useful episode summaries.
  • Detailed Descriptions: Provide details about the episode's content and any special segments to guide the assistant's note development.
  • Reflect Show Style: Aim to match the tone and style of your show in the notes to provide a consistent experience for listeners.
  • Iterative Feedback: Use the assistant's output as a starting point and refine prompts based on specific needs for subsequent episodes.

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